Friday, October 05, 2007

franzi in erlangen!

i am back in germany, already moved to erlangen. there for i made a new blog. it won´t be that interesting, since there´s not much going on in erlangen, but if ever something is happening, i´ll keep you updatet!!! so for everybody who´s interested inmy new life, my new city, my new home, my new room - check out my next blog:

i can´t wait to see you there!

many thanks to all my readers, at-pictures-lookers and commentors: it was a pleasure keeping my blog up for you! you were great in being patient and some of you really showed me your interest! thanks a lot! :)

suntrek tour

i spent the week from saturday, september 16th till sunday, september 23rd on a suntrek tour. together with 12 other girls (which i didn´t know) and our tourguide we made our way through california, nevada and arizona. we spent most time during the day in the bus, the nights mostly at campgrounds or sometimes hotels. we were just missing water at our grand canyon campround, once we had to pay for showers, some nights were damn cold, but it was just more than great!!! here just A FEW pictures from my amazing trip!!! i can just totally recommend this tour...
san francisco:

yosemite valley national park:
the group

our kitchen

our minivan

mono lake:

death valley national park:

las vegas:

we went to a huge buffet in one of the casinos - they printet a map on the back of the receipt!!

"new york"

we rented a limousine, of course not one of the small ones! hell was that fun :)


the water fountain show in ront of the eiffel tower...

of course i won!!

don´t overlook the brooklyn bridge on the left...

grand canyon, baby! we saw the sunset, sunrise and walked along the south rim at daylight:

it doesn´t only look dangerous...
unfortunately the weather wasn´t that good while visiting joshua tree national park:

one of my favorite pictures... don´t miss the windshield wiper!

los angeles:

absolutely no glamour at hollywood boulevard... :(

kodak theatre, where they give out the oscars (check out the plastic elephants...) hell, i was so disappointed from hollywood!!!

my favorite star on the walk of fame! hope the homeless don´t sleep on this one...

the chinese theatre at hollywood boulevard

downtown l.a. - nothing nice exept of the skyline...